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How do I know which trip is right for me?

When deciding where to go on vacation, you take into consideration the following:  location, time, budget, and goals.  With many different vacation options, we work together to find the right fit for your family.

Do I need travel insurance?

This all depends on you.  There are many factors to consider before purchasing travel insurance.  As we are just coming out of a pandemic, this may change your view.  Always look at cancellation policies and be mindful that things can happen.

Should I travel out of the United States?

Traveling outside of the United States brings a little discomfort to everyone.  Can I speak the language?  Will I be safe?  What do I need to have for entry and exit of the country?  We discuss your questions and concerns and help you decide if traveling to a foreign country is the right thing for you.

When is the best time to travel?

Anytime!  This is the short answer, the long answer is - it depends.  We plan your vacation around your schedule.  Maybe this is work, school, or time of year.  Many people go to warm weather destinations in winter.  Some love celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, or maybe you want a last minute trip and leave next week!

Why should I use a travel advisor?

As you start looking for the perfect vacation location, you become overwhelmed by choices.  For Disney, this may resort options, ticket choices, Genie+, rope-drop, park reservations and more.  If traveling to Mexico, it may be what documents are required, all-inclusive, how do I get there?  All of your questions and more will be answered when you plan you vacation with us.  Always free of charge.

Can you plan each day for me?

I would love to help you plan each day, but remember, you are on vacation.  I am here is help create a general guide of where to start, what are the highlights not to be missed, and a few give you a few tips and tricks along the way.  Maybe it is a guided tour of the Tulum ruins in Mexico, or breakfast and dinner reservations at Walt Disney World.  Any vacation day, is a great day!

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